NURFC Webinars on Modern Day Abolitionism | Part I featuring Rickell Howard Smith (Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio), Sasha Naiman (Ohio Justice and Policy Center), and Sheila Donadlson (OJPC) & Part II featuring Veda Ajamu (National Civil Rights Musuem), Kevin Ring (Families against Mandatory Minimums), and Dr. Ebony Ruhland
May 2021
April 2021
March 2021
The Power and Perils of White Anti-Slavery | National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
January 2021
Human Trafficking Awareness Month: Making the Connections to Social Justice Part 1 & 2 | National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
NURFC Webinars on Human Trafficking | Part I featuring R’Shaya Ghee (attorney) and Dr. Earl Lewis & Part II featuring Uriel Zelaya-Perez (Coalition for Immokalee Workers), Silvia Perez (CIW), and Dr. Annie Fukushima
January 2021
January 2021
November 2020
Interpretation and History’s Demand on the Present | National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
June 2020
Anti-trafficking, Policing, and State Violence | Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women
June 2020
White women, we have a very, very series problem | Women’s Media Center
November 2017
Black October | co-edited series with Dr. Jennifer Wilson for Black Perspectives (African American Intellectual History Society blog)
March 2016
4(Intersectional) Ways to Stop Campus Sexual Assault |
November 2015
The Missing “P” in U.S. Anti-Trafficking Law | The Feminist Wire
April 2014
Madina Tlostanova: We are witnessting an alarming revival of old-fashioned geopolitics | Lef-East